"Activate your stem cells with cellular activation technology"

"X39 patches have been absolutely amazing for me"

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Hi, I'm Wayne Sutton and for many years I suffered from Rosacea on my face with angry redness and watery spots. After 7 days of applying the X39 patch, my Rosacea calmed down and after two months 95% is now under control - a very pleasing result!
At the age of 16, I had a skiing accident, which damaged my back and neck alignment, requiring 62 years of constant monthly health specialist treatment visits, costing approx. $59,000.
After 21 days of applying the X39 patch, the back tension between my vertebrae released, giving me painless-full body mobility - relief finally! The burning sensation in my neck while working at the computer is 95% better and amazingly I am having great success at stabilizing my weight, which I did not expect and sleep is instant.
I am fully confident that continuing with X39 patches my neck will be fully sorted, as I don’t need any more specialist visits.

By applying these patches externally, they regenerate new stem cells, promote cell repair, reverse aging, and take back good health so we can live life to the fullest.

Either As a Retail Customer, Preferred Customer or a Brand Partner/Business Builder.

LifeWave. Brand Partners, given the opportunity, will:
~ provide guidance for enrolling you in this business, based on your needs and goals now and for your future.
~ introduce you to our FAST START 7 incentive program for those not yet enrolled in LifeWave

The FAST START 7 incentive program is designed to:
~ save you money, by receiving seven X39 patches Free to experience over 7 days consecutive days, giving you a fast start while your first month of patches arrive.
~ provided free by your Brand Partner at there cost not by LifeWave Inc.

Brand Partners have found that recording our present health information is crucial, we therefore have designed an easy-to-follow pdf Doc, titled "Cellular Activation Technology", to help simplify the way you RECORD your Health challenges and compare changes from day 1 onwards as you wear the patches.

We encourage you also to REFLECT and RECORD your past and present health issues experienced over your life, no matter how insignificant or how large you think they are using the downloadable tracker

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To take advantage of our 7 days of X39 patches, free for those that qualify, click on the incentive below

Will you happily partner and work with your introducer/ Brand partner to benefit you both
Will you be happy providing your name address, email, phone, for those 7-days of guidance
Will you patch yourself, 7 consecutive days, rating yourself each day on health benefits tracker
Will you complete health tracker, sign it and make available for you and Brand partners portfolio
Will you commit financially to a monthly AutoShip X39 order, at the Brand partner level or above

This initiative is strictly for those not yet enrolled, however agree to the 5 conditions to qualify. Agreeing to those five conditions, proceed to create an account.

Contact your Brand Partner who will either meet with you directly to continue with your application in person to become an Independent Brand Partner, or you can choose to have a text message sent, giving you a simple 3 click option to sign yourself up as a Brand Partner on a monthly subscription auto ship.
Your Sponsor will then provide you with your 7 x39 free patches giving you a fast start while your first month order arrives.

Welcome to a future of health positive healing

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LifeWave has an incredibly powerful and uplifting community. It started with one visionary plus one person like you… sharing a passion with like-minded entrepreneurs around the world. As a company, we’re committed to providing our Brand Partners with: Advanced marketing and innovative products

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